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Bankruptcy Help

The Turnaround Team will help you to regain control of your financial situation so that you can take the lead in restoring your financial health. We use bankruptcy as a critical tool in this process; however, it is only part of the process. If you are ready to take control of the process and ready to stop letting it control you, we’re ready to help!

  Stop Delaying
The first step in this process is to stop procrastinating or ignoring the problem. You probably won’t win the lottery any time soon, and your financial problems won’t go away on their own. Unfortunately, far too many people spend too much time hoping that “tomorrow things will get better” and spending valuable resources on a problem that will not fix itself.

Rather than waiting until the creditors are literally knocking at your front door, the best strategy is to contact an expert while you still have assets to use in the best interests of your family.  

Remember, this is your financial situation. You own it and you can regain control over it. But you have to first decide to take an honest look at your situation and then honestly consider your options.
The best way to evaluate your situation and your options is to get sound legal advice without spending any more money! There are all kinds of financial advisors, “experts” offering get-rich-quick schemes, and other consultants who are happy to help you out if you’ll simply pay them as “small up-front” fee.
Before spending any more money and taking your family deeper into debt, why not speak with someone who won’t charge you a penny to help you decide on the best course of action? Our initial one-hour consultation is FREE, and there is absolutely no obligation.
  Establishing a Plan
Perhaps the worst part of being in a financial bind is the uncertainty. Which bills are coming next? When is the next collection agent going to call? Will my wages be garnished? Is my bank account safe from judgments? Will someone foreclose on our house? How am I going to buy groceries if we run out of money? What am I going to do?

By ignoring the problem you only allow your creditors and their collectors to take control of the situation, and as you may already know, the collectors can be ruthless.

The Turnaround Team will help you take control over your financial situation by setting up a plan to (1) stop the harassing phone calls and collection letters, (2) ensure that your “protected” assets are indeed protected, (3) walk you through the bankruptcy process (including representing you in court), (4) negotiate repayment terms (if necessary), and (5) help you design a plan to restore your good credit and your financial well-being.

Protecting Your Interests
Finally, remember, if you are facing serious financial difficulties, your first obligation is to protect the financial well-being of your family. No one should be trapped paying off high-interest credit cards for the next ten or twenty years. And no one should lose a home or a hard-earned retirement just because a creditor harasses them. You have a right to protect yourself, and you are entitled to the best protection available.

Naturally, you can try to handle this on your own, but why should you? Think about it: If bankruptcy is so “easy” and if your creditors are really “nice guys” who simply want to work with you, why is it that they have legal representation? You may never speak with one of their attorneys, but you can be sure that your creditors are receiving excellent legal advice every step of the way in order to protect their best interests.

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