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The Bankruptcy Process

What To Expect When I File Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy professionals at The Turnaround Team in Scottsdale, Arizona, strive to make the process of filing bankruptcy as easy for our clients as possible. The first and most important step is for you to decide that it is time to put your financial house in order.

Are you ready to turn it around? Then contact us to arrange a free initial consultation. Our law firm focuses exclusively on bankruptcy for individuals, including small business owners. We know how to help people just like you get a fresh financial start.

Brian Blum - Bankruptcy Attorney“Don't waste your time or money on debt consolidation or debt management programs. These agreements are voluntary for creditors, who may change their minds and sue you anyway. Once a bankruptcy petition is filed, your creditors are prohibited by law from taking any collection actions against you. Only bankruptcy offers this protection.”
Brian M. Blum, Managing Attorney

The Steps In The Process

Each bankruptcy is unique, but all of our clients will follow a process similar to the one below. The bankruptcy process at The Turnaround Team requires your presence at just three private meetings with your attorney and paralegal and, in some cases, only two.

  • Initial consultation: You will meet in person with our Managing Attorney, Brian M. Blum. He is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who will listen to you describe your situation, analyze the facts and develop an action plan designed especially for you. If you agree to retain The Turnaround Team, you will sign a letter of engagement at this meeting.
  • Information Gathering: We will ask you to gather financial documents, including tax returns and information about the money you owe.
  • Document Review Meeting: We will meet in person at our offices to review the information you gathered and clarify any questions. After this meeting, our bankruptcy lawyer will draft all the necessary legal documents to file bankruptcy.
  • Document Signing: At this meeting, we will explain the documents we have prepared and ask you to sign them. In very simple Chapter 7 bankruptcies, this meeting may be combined with the document review meeting.
  • Filing: We will file the required documents with U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Filing bankruptcy invokes the automatic stay. That means your creditors may no longer contact you to request payment. The automatic stay stops harassing phone calls, wage garnishment, repossessions and foreclosure.
  • Meeting with creditors: This public meeting with the Bankruptcy Trustee and gives creditors a chance to ask you questions about the documents you filed—although is most cases creditors choose not to attend the meeting.

The remaining steps in the process vary according to the type of bankruptcy filing.

To learn more or to arrange a free initial consultation, please contact The Turnaround Team in Scottsdale. We are here for you and we know how to help.


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